Household cleaning products

Lead your life to a new level .     

Every family have electrical appliances ,however , do you notice the dirt caused by long time no clean of the electrical appliances which will effect your living enviroment and health . So clean your electrical appliances start from now !

Special efficacy cleaning products

Unique cleaning effect

Creat a happy living enviroment for you!

Clean dirt in no time , you need Quick clean Special efficacy cleaning products ! Dirt gone at once 1

Kitchen&Bathroom Cleaning Products

Promote you a high quality life !

Kitchen&bathroom is the most dirt place in your house , if you don't clean it everyday , dirt and germ will grow up and threat your life and health , no hesitate using Quick clean cleaner Now !

Cloth cleaning Products

Cloth cleaning products

Every one need to ware cloth and as cloth touch your skin directly , so we need pay attention to the cloth cleaning

Home and personal care

Home and personal care

Including daily cleaning , your house may meet some kind of tough dirt which need special cleaning items.

  • Washing machine cleaner
    Washing machine cleaner
  • Pot scale cleaner
    Pot scale cleaner
  • Air conditioner cleaner
    Air conditioner cleaner
  • Microwave cleaner
    Microwave cleaner
  • Ovean & cookware cleaner
    Ovean & cookware cleaner
  • Tea and coffee stain remover
    Tea and coffee stain remover
  • Tea and coffee stain remover
    Tea and coffee stain remover
  • Powerful paste cleaner
    Powerful paste cleaner
  • Liquid drainage cleaner
    Liquid drainage cleaner
  • Foaming Drainage cleaner
    Foaming Drainage cleaner
  • Blue toilet bowl cleaner
    Blue toilet bowl cleaner
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
    Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Stain remover pen
    Stain remover pen
  • Wrinkle Gone
    Wrinkle Gone
  • White up
    White up
  • Ioring Aid
    Ioring Aid
  • Multi-cleaner
  • Glue and stain sticky cleaner
    Glue and stain sticky cleaner
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Guangzhou Junkai Cleaning Detergent Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer engaged in the development & distribution of Household Chemicals and Household Cleaning Products, has been a leader in the mainland household cleaning product industry for several years.

We have five Categories: Home Cleaners, All-power Cleaners, Kitchen & Bath Room Cleaners, Clothes nursing care products and Personal nursing care products, such as Blue Toilet Cleaners, Foaming Drain Away Cleaners & Liquid, Wash Drum Cleaners, Oven & cookware cleaners and Multiplex Paste Cleaners, and they are the most prominent products among our products. So far, we have established close business relationships with partners and friends from Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao. We also have established close business relationships with a great many of supermarkets, department stores, chain stores, mail shopping companies & electronic shopping companies and many distributors in mainland China.

"Providing the best products and service for our clients" is our motto. Following it, we are sure that mutual benefits will be achieved.